Travel After Spinal Cord Injury

Published: May 2, 2005  |  Source:

Arranging travel is a fairly straight-forward process for non-disabled individuals. Most people contact a travel agency, choose a destination and hope that their baggage and the sun follow them.

For the traveler with a spinal cord injury (SCI), or other Disability, there is much more to consider when planning a trip. Anxiety about air-travel, the accessibility of accommodations and transportation and attitudinal barriers can be extra “baggage” for the novice traveler with SCI. With proper planning, these issues can be minimized, and often avoided.

The purpose of this factsheet is to assist people with SCI to travel with greater ease and comfort. It provides useful travel tips, an overview of applicable laws and a listing of up-to-date resources.

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NSCIA, 8/95