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SCI steals and robs from all

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This is the latest from Dr. Dan:

I was developing a cold last month and I went to the CVS to pick up some cough drops. No big thing. Well, for a C5/6 quadriplegic it is a big thing. It’s such a big thing that when I put the bag with the cough drops in my van, I felt a little drop of joy, of pride. And I thought “who else in the world would feel this kind of joy after buying a bag of cough drops?”

Spinal cord injury stole my ability to do that effortlessly. It stole so many things — but you all know that. But what did that theft leaves me with? Of course all of the daily suffering, but I am left with the ability to feel joy after buying cough drops.

Spinal cord injury steals from us all, and we must be able to name what we’ve lost, feel the pain, and outrage helplessness and whatever other emotions crop up.

And then what do we find after the chaos settles down?

By the way, I was so excited about buying the cough drops that I bought the wrong kind. I bought the kind I can’t open by myself! Life is really funny sometimes.

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