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Michael-Ryan Pattison Foundation

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Michael-Ryan Pattison Foundation

A Cure is Coming is a foundation to build awareness of, and philanthropic support for, those with spinal cord injuries that enable access to a range of specialized therapies focused on improving overall quality of life.


  1. I wish that we knew what all WAS available. My husband is a quadrapeligic except he can move his legs and arms some and he has full feeling. He has full control of his bowels and bladder. His spinal cord was bruised and swollen at the C1-C2 level. He lives in a nursing home that takes all of his money and he feels completely useless. All he looks forward to is dieing. He is 57yrs old.

    I can’t help but pray that they will find something to take away the scare tissue and if they do how would he be considered? He would love to be considered for a trial.

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