United Spinal Presents Free Webinars on Healthy Living for People with Disabilities & their Caregivers

Published: August 29, 2012  |  Source: prnewswire.com

NEW YORK, Aug. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — United Spinal Association’s membership division, National Spinal Cord Injury Association (NSCIA), will host two free webinars this September for people living with disabilities and their caregivers that will focus on ways to discover a healthy & active lifestyle and how to overcome the challenges of chronic health issues such as spinal cord injury (SCI), MS, polio, ALS or spina bifida.

“For people living with disabilities and their caregivers, the challenges of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle can be overwhelming at times. But with the right strategy and outlook, it’s within everyone’s reach. These webinars will build a foundation for many to discover better health, as well as happiness and success,” said Marlene Perkins, VP of Corporate and Community Relations at United Spinal.

The first webinar Discovering a Healthy & Active Lifestyle – Sept. 5th at 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. EDT, will offer helpful strategies to bring peace and balance to daily living. The webinar will explore ways to:

  • Extend empathy to yourself as easily as you extend it to others.
  • Cultivate a deep, loving and reverent relationship with oneself.
  • Quiet self-doubt and tap into one’s intrinsic wisdom.
  • Explore fears, blocks and behaviors that sabotage success.

Speaker: Erena DiGonis, LMSW, CHC; Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Health Coach

The second webinar: Staying Healthy Together! Tips for Caregivers & Care Recipients – Sept. 19th at 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. EDT, will prepare people living with disabilities and their loved ones to overcome the challenges of chronic health issues such as spinal cord injury (SCI), MS, polio, ALS or spina bifida. It will also offer strategies to better communicate with healthcare professionals, become a strong advocate in healthcare situations and prevent medication/medical mishaps from taking place.

Speaker: Mark Gibbons, National Family Caregivers Association

This year, United Spinal has hosted webinars on a variety of disability-related topics––including healthcare, mobility, research, public policy, and veterans issues. You can access all of United Spinal’s previous webinars by visiting its online webinar archive.

About United Spinal Association

United Spinal is a national 501(c) (3) nonprofit membership organization formed in 1946 by paralyzed veterans and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Americans with spinal cord injuries and disorders (SCI/D), including multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, ALS and post-polio. It played a significant role in writing the Americans with Disabilities Act, and made important contributions to the Fair Housing Amendments Act and the Air Carrier Access Act. Membership is free and is open to all individuals with SCI/D. United Spinal was instrumental in getting New York City to create sidewalk curb ramps and accessible public transportation that has been used as a model for many United States cities.