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New clinic opens at the Temple VA hospital

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Military veterans with spinal cord injuries have a new place to get the specialized help they need in Central Texas.

The VA Hospital in Temple opened a new clinic Monday morning. More and more veterans are finding the care they need at the VA Hospital in Temple.

“The growth in Central Texas, with more veterans coming to see us, just keeps us always on the run trying to make sure we have enough space and enough staff and enough equipment to take care of everybody.” Bruce Gordon with Central Texas Veterans Healthcare System said.

The problems of space, staff and equipment just got a little easier for the hospital. With the opening of the $2.8 million ambulatory care expansion and spinal cord injury disorders support clinic designed specifically for wheelchair bound veterans.

“It’s more user friendly for us. A lot of our veterans in wheelchairs are afraid to come to a clinic because they’re afraid they can’t get on the examining table or they can’t even get in the examining rooms.

Just by looking at this facility, there’s nothing that can’t keep the veteran from getting into the facility.” Glen Bentley with Paralyzed Veterans Association said.

The new clinic has wider halls, lifts for paralyzed patients and state of the art equipment. Features Congressman John Carter says he and his colleagues are working to provide for the men and women who have given so much for their country.

“When we get together in congress, no matter what party you’re in, we’re talking about the people who have sacrificed their lives so that we can live this joyous life of being an American, a free, free American.

So we owe these folks and we remember that.” Carter said. Hospital officials say they’ve been approved to build a new MRI center and are currently working on the design.

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