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Disabled Entrepreneur Nominated for New Mobility Magazine

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A successful businessman with spinal cord injury is nominated as one of Top Ten Business People for national wheelchair-based publication.

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) April 23, 2007 — New Mobility magazine, a publication addressing news, current events, and social and political issues affecting countless Americans who use wheelchairs due to spinal cord injuries, has accepted the nomination of Todd Brown as one of the Top Ten Business People of 2007. Brown, disabled by a spinal cord injury 13 years ago, is the founder and CEO of a medical supply business that offers a wide range of catheters to those suffering from spina bifida, Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injuries —

“Everyone at some time will face adversity in their life,” explains Brown, who received a T-7/8 spinal cord injury when he was 25 years old through a motocross accident. “It’s what you do with that adversity that matters.” A formidable athlete and achiever who enjoyed football, basketball and track, Brown attended the University of Central Oklahoma and owned his own restaurant by the age of 19. Actively involved in the sport of motocross until his accident, he found himself undergoing trauma and extensive Rehabilitation after his accident, but persevered with determination and the help of his wife of two years, Annette. Just six months after his injury, he participated in his first wheelchair marathon. “I’ve always been a person who hasn’t been pleased sitting still,” he discloses.

Despite early success, one of the frustrations facing Todd post-injury was the frequent urinary tract infections he experienced due to Catheter use and the rewashing of catheters. Equally as frustrating was having to get his medical supplies from companies who had no end users on staff and were unfamiliar with the choices available to SCI patients. While attending a wheelchair race, another athlete introduced him to a closed system catheter and the concept of sterile use. Todd’s health and quality of living rose dramatically. Fueled by this learning experience, Todd and Annette started a medical supply company out of their garage. Their goal: to provide well-trained staff that offer choices to those who use catheters, from spina bifida patients and those with spinal cord injuries to all people with urinary Incontinence. Originating in Oklahoma City, 180 Medical has grown into a nationally accredited countrywide business, growing from 5,000 to 25,000 square feet in just 6 years. 180 Medical now contains several offices with patients from all 50 states.

Todd is a wheelchair-using survivor who strives to help others with disabilities live better lives. He remains active and available to visit spinal cord injury patients in rehabs, helping newly-injured patients cope and adapt. Additionally, he is an advocate for adoption, and finds time to coach a girls’ basketball team, go four-wheeling, snow ski, hand cycle, and stay active in his church. Knowing that people can still have a good life in spite of injury is a message he wishes to deliver to people everywhere. A primary way Todd accomplishes this goal is through his business,, which provides quality urologic products with attentive service.

Kieranne Kramer
180 Medical

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