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Spinal injury study seeks participants

| Source: guelphtribune.ca

Researchers have started their search for 800 Ontario residents with spinal cord injuries, for the largest spinal cord study.

The study could change the treatment currently given to people with such injuries, says a University of Guelph news release.

The study is open to quadriplegics and paraplegics over 18 who are at least one year post-injury.

Participants will be followed over an 18-month period to determine how their physical activity levels and dietary habits relate to their physical and psychological health, including their risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. University of Guelph Prof. Andrea Buchholz, of family relations and applied nutrition says although the metabolism of people with spinal cord injury is very different, dietary and exercise interventions are the same as for those without injury.

Buchholz is among a small group of scientists working for diet and exercise guidelines as a proactive measure against illness.

Those interested in taking part can contact Alida Finnie, 824-4120, ext. 58470

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