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Nonprofit builds dream homes for wounded service veterans

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aothompsonStanding watch at a post in Iraq, former Humble resident Anthony Thompson did not know that he and members of his crew were in trouble.

“During his second deployment to Iraq in 2007, he (Anthony) and others were injured when a suicide bomber drove up in a dump truck and detonated improvised explosive devices at the post,” Ivonne, his wife, said. “Two of the injured were able to stay in Iraq and six were carried back to stateside, including Anthony, who was the worst injured.”

Due to the incident, Anthony, who joined the U.S. Navy Corpsmen at 21 years old, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury, a punctured right lung along with other scrapes and bruises. He was sent to the James A. Haley Veteran Hospital in Tampa, where he currently remains.

“Anthony is minimally conscious. He can open his eyes and he is aware of his surroundings, but he cannot yet communicate with me verbally,” Ivonne said. “We are trying to get approved for a 12-week trial program in New Jersey that could help him communicate.”

With the family getting ready to transition back into their normal lives, Ivonne began the process of looking for a home that will meet Anthony’s needs. Through a veteran liaison at the hospital, she was put in touch with Homes for Our Troops, a nonprofit organization that builds homes for wounded veterans. After filling out an application, they were approved.

“When I called the organization for an application, I was told that they heard of Anthony and were waiting for me to call,” Ivonne said. “This program is so wonderful because it helps wounded veterans like Anthony get a home, which takes the burden off of the family.”

The four-bedroom home will be built in the Water’s Edge subdivision near Summerwood. All rooms will be built with Anthony in mind so that he will be able to live comfortably.

Prior to graduating from Hargrave High School in Huffman, Anthony and his family lived in Humble where he attended middle school. He and his wife have a 22-month-old son, A.J.

“If he was able to communicate, I know he would say how honored he was to be getting this home,” Ivonne said.

Help for veterans

Homes for Our Troops, established in 2004, is an organization that receives donated materials and labor to build homes for veterans who have severe multiple injuries.

“This is our way of showing our appreciation for those who put their lives on the line for us,” Carla Patton, an organizer for Homes for Our Troops, said. “To be accepted into our program, veterans must have multiple life-threatening injuries.”

Since its inception, it has built 42 homes with two of those homes in Texas. Currently there are four construction projects in the state – in Humble, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Idalau.



  1. I am 25-years old and a 80% disabled vet, almost 100%. I did 5-years in the army with two tours in Iraq as a Infantryman. I am trying to purchase my first house right now and its not going so well. I have both my legs and both my arms and I never got shot. I was one of the lucky ones if thats what you can call it. It is great to see what these people are doing for are vets that dont have legs and arms and cant walk.

  2. I have 3 military sons, one of whom is a Wounded Warrior, an out patient at Walter Reed where I am now visiting for 6 weeks. I have 25 acres of VERY quiet rural land in Ky which I want to use for Wounded Warriors by using my present residence with individual rooms for single vets to rent or very small parcels to build individual houses whereby Warriors can live together in one place and share common interests; wildlife, quietness, proposed outdoor sports cuch as croquet, lawn bowling, shuffleboard, etc. campsites for renting as income, etc. just anything that will bring peace and quiet for our men and women who devoted themselves for our freedom. I have used my rooms for homeless housing until my son was injured, and I will be able to do all the cooking and provide a family type atmosphere. If anyone has suggestions, please send to my e-mail. I will be planning this venture while visiting in my son’s residence here in Maryland. God bless. Our land is 20 minutes from a beautiful lake, rural town with a hospital, and has wonderful caring people all along my road. We recently lost a Marine in a motorcycle accident, and we care about our soldiers. I cannot provide care for those needing attended care, but if enough interest is shown, I will consider other means on the land for allowing family members to live with the soldier’s. God bless.

  3. I am new at this. After I made a comment, I read one by Daryn, a 80% disabled vet looking for a way to have a home. I will allow a small efficiency cabin built on the land for a land lease/already built residence if care can be provided by hired help (mine or your choice). I have people wanting to work with me in establishing care for our Wounded Warriors.

  4. Rural Ky. land proposed for use for housing disabled vets needing residence. Single rooms/with or without meals provided/cook own meals. Christian atmosphere. Own son is Wounded Warrior out patient at Walter Reed.Experienced homeless provider.

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