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Stem cells to be used for treating chronic spinal injury

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Chronic-Spinal-InjuryThe use of stem cells to treat range of diseases is increasing day by day. Now scientists are going to test use of stem cells in treating chronic spinal injuries. Stem cells can be acquired from various sources like bone marrow, umbilical cord blood and fetus, but in the recent study research team is going to use stem cells from umbilical cord blood.

Research team led by Dr Wise Young, research professor at WM Keck centre for collaborative neurosciences at Rutgers University, New Jersey will conduct human trails to prove efficacy of stem cells from umbilical cord blood along with Lithium in treating chronic spinal injury in India. The trails will include 80 chronic spinal injury patients.

Animals studies have shown that Lithium helps in stimulating the regeneration of umbilical cord blood stem cells (UCBSC) leading to faster recovery. Lithium, is a commonly prescribed for depression and bipolar disorders, with little side effects.

Dr. Wise Young said: “We will inject UCBSC on the periphery of the injury site and will put patients on Lithium for six weeks. The dose of Lithium will be closely monitored. As it mixes in the blood stream, it will help stimulate the stem cells to regenerate, thereby, building a bridge of healthy cells over the injury site.”


  1. Loved the dancing. I found the stem cell article interesting and will follow with interest. It is great to know that a dedicated team is working on it. I have cerebral palsy and use a manual wheelchair. I don’t expect stem cell research to assist me,it is good to see things improving however. keep up the good work!

  2. I have a daughter with SCI.She has been suffering with demyelination of her spinal cord for years.She is of course in a wheelchair,the past three years she has lost total use of her left hand,her right hand is going the same way.She loves her computer as it is her only way to escape her existance.When she no longer has use of her right hand what is she to do?
    We would like to volunteer for your clinical trials if possible.We did meet you once at Rutgers as we live nearby.Looking forward to your reply.
    Tel No. 732 727-2644.Thank You Herman Minkin

  3. Mr. Minkin
    In regard to your daughters lose of the use of her hands, allow me to make a suggestion. I am a C2 quadriplegic and do not have the use of my hands. I use the computer daily. I do this with the use of AccuKeys hardware and software. AccuKeys allows me to maneuver an on-screen cursor with the use of head movement to control an on-screen keyboard, mouse functions and all the computer icons. AccuKeys is a product of Invotek. Go to Invotek.org and check out the information and demonstrations.
    I also use Dragon naturally speaking voice recognition software by Nuance. By using AccuKeys, and Dragon naturally speaking, I can use the computer to it’s full extent.
    Hope this helps, Martin Willems

  4. My wife had spinal cord transection at L1 after she met with an accident in april 2005. Following which her bones were fixed with plates at PGI-Chandigargh. SHe is paraplegic with complete bowel and blood involvement. In MAy2007 she had undergone stem cell therapy from bone marrow at LIFELINE hospital CHENNAI. I wish to know whether the above therapy (UMBLICAL CORD STEM CELL THERAPY) mentioned in your article be useful and when will it be available in INDIA or abroad?

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