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Stem cells to be used for treating chronic spinal injury

| Source: topnews.in

Chronic-Spinal-InjuryThe use of stem cells to treat range of diseases is increasing day by day. Now scientists are going to test use of stem cells in treating chronic spinal injuries. Stem cells can be acquired from various sources like bone marrow, umbilical cord blood and fetus, but in the recent study research team is going to use stem cells from umbilical cord blood.

Research team led by Dr Wise Young, research professor at WM Keck centre for collaborative neurosciences at Rutgers University, New Jersey will conduct human trails to prove efficacy of stem cells from umbilical cord blood along with Lithium in treating chronic spinal injury in India. The trails will include 80 chronic spinal injury patients.

Animals studies have shown that Lithium helps in stimulating the regeneration of umbilical cord blood stem cells (UCBSC) leading to faster recovery. Lithium, is a commonly prescribed for depression and bipolar disorders, with little side effects.

Dr. Wise Young said: “We will inject UCBSC on the periphery of the injury site and will put patients on Lithium for six weeks. The dose of Lithium will be closely monitored. As it mixes in the blood stream, it will help stimulate the stem cells to regenerate, thereby, building a bridge of healthy cells over the injury site.”


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