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Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury

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Spinal Cord Injury:

[USPRwire, Fri Apr 16 2010] Stem Cell Treatment can be magical in saving incurable disease suffering patients. The Stem Cell Global Foundation, leading stem cell therapy provider has released results from a follow-up study of many spinal cord injury patients treated with autologous bone marrow stem cell -The Forbidden Therapy That Actually Works!

Most people feels that they can’t stand again after meeting with spinal injury but stem cell treatment proves it wrong and ignited a ray of hope to the ample number of patients suffering from same disease.

SCGF center in Germany is one of the centers known for providing the stem cell therapy and is specialist in handling the spinal injury cases.

SCGF Centre Germany offer patients with degenerative diseases the opportunity to undergo an innovative and promising stem cell treatment. Since the start in January 2009, more than 1600 patients have safely undergone various stem cell treatments. XCell centre Germany –

– Provide therapeutic application of Autologous adult stem cells to patients
– Extend existing knowledge on the effects of Autologous adult stem

Recently a 27yr old male came to SCGF with the spinal cord injury at T12 level and got his treatment. He met with an accident and went through many treatments before this but all in vain. He had no sensation below hip level & no control on his bowel & bladder. He came to SCGF center & after doing the initial investigations he undergoes the trial stem cell therapy in the center. With the concern they did Bone Marrow Aspiration & after processing the sample in the stem cell lab. they injected the stem cells to him through Lumbar Puncture (LP). The patient again visited after 3 months for review & the experts were so glad to see him walking with support & also he had almost got bladder & bowel control by that time. Today he has recovered almost 100% & leading the normal life. This is happen because of stem cell treatment & regular physiotherapy.

Many patients like him got the successful results and are living a happy and independent life without any support.

“Stem Cell Therapy provides treatment for incurable disorders afflicting our society. Stem cells have the amazing capability to regenerate new cells that can be used to replace diseased ones and perhaps treat the underlying causes of incurable diseases” says Mr. Karan Goel, Chairman, Stem Cell Global Foundation.

SCGF is one of the global associations that work to provide the medical services to the needy patients by having a broad network across the world following the right ethical standards.



  1. How can I get treatment? Who do I write to or speak to about stem cell treatment?

    I am SCI- T-10 from Transverse Myelitis Oct 2007. I am getting movement in the feet and muscles in legs and glutes. I have debilitating nerve pain. No bladder and bowel control.

    My goal is to want to walk again.

  2. As a woman who has been dealing with an incomplete spinal cord injury for the past 17 years, this news makes me even more optimististic than I have been in the past. (That’s when I developed mine.)
    Let’s find the cure!!! I hope all of you going through have been able to see progress is some way. I’ve seen progress and regression (due to a fall ) but I’m working hard to maintain what I have. It helps to have a supportive family and to hhave this website.

    Best to everyone,

  3. Where do you live? What area? Look on the net and type in something like
    “Spinal Cord Reheabilitation Centers in ……” I lived in St. Louis in the past and was really lucky. I went to a Rehab Instite of St. Louis associate with Washing University.

    Best of luck,

  4. Hello,
    I have a son who has a c-5 c-6 spinal cord injury. He was injured by a drunk driver when he was 16, he is now 24. Thank God there was no brain damage and he is in reasonably good health, minus the UTI’s and spasms, and what being in a wheelchair and having to go through all the things a person with a SCI has to go through. Is there anywhere in the States where stem cell is practiced? From what I have read about stem cell, I pray that it could help him. Any and all information would be appreciated. Thank you, Janet

  5. If the SCGF Treatment works as per the above article why does it not make headline News???
    I am very skepticle about these types of claims as there are a lot of opportunists looking to make money from those injured with SCI and falling for false promises. My daughter has SCI I am a wealthy person and falling for false claims without positive evidence of success is not what I am into.I would most certainly pay several hundred thousand dollars to see my daughter walk again.But if I paid that money for zero results those that I paid that money to might not walk again either.

  6. I am C3 Transverse myelitis, July 2007. Poor upper body function. Some leg strength and walking. I too want to find out more about this.

  7. I am a spinal cord injured due to road traffic accident. I am T5 and T6. I injured in the year 1983 and now I 49 years old. What are my chances to go through this process.

  8. Hi,
    I am Shahzad from Pakistan, my younger brother has a spinal cord injury at the level of T4 ie paraplegic by fire arm on 05-08-09. What are his chances of recovery after 10 months. What are the charges of this treatment in Germany.
    please reply

  9. my elder brother mr shahid ali khan 25y old has sci at T5.What are my chances to go through this process. he is suffering from 23-04-2010.

  10. Hi

    My name is Regardt. I had a motorbike accident in 1999 and broke T6-T11. I am going to the Xcell-centre in Germany and hope to give you all feed back on what the success is on the treatment.

    Kind Regards

  11. i am Ayaz my younger broyher got spinel cord injury in a rod acccedent his D3 has damage wil he be cure by stem cell treatment he is sufring from last 5 years
    my contect No 923002836253

  12. I still do not have an opinion about stem cell therapy. I am a T11 complete. I have worked hard all my life to save what a have.Therapy is extremely expensive. I do believe stem cell clinics have the upper hand of the bargain that is they will get paid even if the therapy does not work. Many clinics are situated in countries that have poor health legislation, i would like to see or read scientific reviews and the results of clinical trails published by Goverment dept of independent journals. Patient testamonials are strong but not scientific proof. Yes i would like to go for this therapy but wish to use wisdom over desperation.

  13. I need stem cell therapy as an accident took place on 7th january 2010.Wherein my d6 and d7 was over riding and I have been suffering from paraplegia through there is minor sensation in my legs ,as I have the feeling of numbness sometimes burning ,pain(irregular) etc. Kindly let me know the procedure and cost if i take stem cell therapy.

  14. Can you provide me with any information that proves Stem Cells are not skeptical? I need to prove that to both my personal financial assistant and gal as well as my personal physcian that Stem Cell treatments are not all bogus. Please message me back Thank you!
    Anita Renee Sullins

  15. i am the patient of spinal cord from last 10 years.i want the information of stem cell tretment.plz guide me about this tretment.cost and period of this tretment.
    my contect num = 923006608018

  16. I'm c6,7 spinal cord injury.I have chronic myelopathic changes c6,7.I want to know about stem cell therapy. How can I get treatment. I have movement in my hands. I have sense of healing and freezing in my lower body. Plz guide me about this treatment. Cost and period. Guide me immediately

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