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Rex, the Robotic Exoskeleton

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See Hayden Allen using Rex, the Robotic Exoskeleton, a world first product developed by Rex Bionics.A new pair of robotic legs out of New Zealand lets wheelchair users do the improbable–stand, walk, and even go up and down stairs.

Users transfer themselves from their chair into the Robotic Exoskeleton (Rex) by holding on to Rex’s legs. They then strap themselves in and use a hand-controlled joystick and control pad to maneuver the battery-powered mobility-assist device on solid, stable surfaces such as those inside the home or workplace.

Video 2: Rex enables wheelchair user Hayden Allen to stand and walk


  1. Amazing!!! My dad has a c-5, c-6 injury and can’t walk. I would so love to see him be able to use this. He does what he can with a stand up machine but of course its not the same as walking. How exciting! Thanks for sharing! Beth

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