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Motorised Mouth Painting Easel

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Adaptive Innovation’s motorised mouth painting easel allows someone with a disability such as quadriplegia to paint independently, by removing a number of the physical limitations of mouth painting and also removing the need for extensive carer assistance that is required. Our easel allows a person with only minimal head movements to be able to paint, as well as draw, work with greeting cards, or work a touch-screen tablet.

Once set up, the easel allows the user, with the tap of a chin switch, to control the 3-dimensional movement of the tablet – up/down, left/right, forward/backwards. The motorised tool arm can bring paint, paint brushes, pencils, touch pens or other implements to the user’s mouth and can then be retracted with the same chin switch when not in use.

This is made possible by an electronic control system with a scanning Graphical User Interface (GUI) which allows the user to select the various modes and sub modes with the single chin switch. This allows control of the tool arm for selection of brushes and paint colours, plus directional movements both horizontally, vertically, and towards or away from the canvas. This improved movement control lets the user paint on a full A3 easel with multi directional control, without a carer, which is a vast improvement over standard mouth painting.

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