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The PerfIC Cath

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The PerfIC Cath catheter was created by Dr. Glen House, a C7 complete quadriplegic (aka: tetraplegic) who could not use any other intermittent catheters on the market because of limited dexterity. He needed a super easy-to-use catheter that was mess-free and reduced the risk of infection.

The PerfIC Cath was created to be the easiest and most convenient closed-system catheter to use. Whether you have limited or normal dexterity the PerfIC Cath catheter has many unique features unlike any other catheter. From opening the packaging, to using the catheter, to disposing of the catheter, we made it easy and mess-free. In this video we show the very unique features. The patented gripping device and gel chamber allows the user to grasp the catheter with limited dexterity or tenodesis. The lubricating stem makes sure the catheter gets completely lubricated as it passes through the gel chamber and introducer tip. The hook allows the user to use both hands to advance the catheter. The drainage bag tear-loops makes drainage easy and possible with limited dexterity.

For a free sample go to and click on “Request a Sample”.

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