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Alberta men share inspiring stories of life-altering spinal cord injuries

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Dr Ian Rigby life after spinal cord injury

CALGARY – Two survivors of devastating spinal cord injuries shared their stories with Global News, describing their paralysis and the very different ways their lives have changed since losing their ability to walk.

Rob Parsons was a competitive BMX rider. In June 2011, the Lethbridge man broke his back during a hard fall. In his quest for exhilaration, he created a one of a kind race car that he competes with and uses as an inspirational tool to help others who have been similarly injured.

WATCH: Global’s Jill Croteau met 2 Alberta spinal cord injury survivors who are a true testament to overcoming all the odds.

Calgarian Dr. Ian Rigby is an ER doctor at Foothills Medical Centre. He was injured in January 2012 after hitting a tree during a heli-skiiing excursion. Rigby has returned to work and teaching residents.

Both men are giving motivational speeches Thursday night at the annual Spinal Cord Injury Association of Alberta, and you can watch extended interviews with Global’s Jill Croteau above and below.

Watch below: Global News sat down with race car driver Rob Parsons, who shared his story of life after a spinal cord injury.

By Jill Croteau
Reporter, Global News

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