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Bioness on A Current Affairs News

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ACA, December 21 2009: An electrifying breakthrough that brings real hope to people whove suffered catastrophic injury. Australian researchers have developed a simple but effective way that helps people with brain and spinal injuries get back on their feet. And their stories are an inspiration to us all.

Matt Butcher is a young newly married police officer getting hit from behind while he is trying to break up a pub roar. The person who hit Matt walked away a free man. Matt has been crippled for life. Now, we visit Matt Butcher as he regains his independence thanks to a miraculous new invention.

James Gribble is a quadriplegic. Whilst backpacking across Africa 13 months ago this once active young man fainted after a long run. “The next thing I woke up and broke my neck and had no feeling from the head down.” It took 30 hours to get James to a hospital but little time for him to defy the doctors expectations. James and Matt are now reprogramming their bodies to try and walk again. Its a long and a very painful process. But thanks to a medical breakthrough life has become a little easier.

Bioness foot drop system is a wireless muscle stimulant. It is telling the muscles when and how to work via electric pulses. The principal sorts of conditions that are going to benefit from this type of device are people with after stroke/traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis and some people with spinal cord injuries.

For more information about this device visit Surgical Synergies website on or alternatively contact customer service on 1300 473 422

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