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HomeAnswersCan people with SCI have sex, children?

Can people with SCI have sex, children?

SCI frequently affects sexual functioning. However, there are many therapies that allow people with SCI to have an active and satisfying sex life. Fertility is also frequently affected in men with SCI.

Methods similar to those used for non-disabled men with fertility problems have allowed many men with SCI to father their own children. Of course, adoption is another option. The fertility of women with SCI may be affected in the first months after injury; however, most women regain the ability to become pregnant after a spinal cord injury.

Many women with SCI are able to carry babies to full term, but it is important that she consult a physician experienced in SCI.


  1. i am spinalcord injury patient ,now iam having paraplasea,& lossing bowlcontrolnow how to partispte in sex any medicene for erickson the pennis.any getting chidren for me

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