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Why is my spinal cord important?

spinalcordYour Spinal Cord is important because without a spinal cord your brain and your body couldn’t communicate with each other.

The spinal cord is the pathway for impulses from the body to the brain, and from the brain to the body. These impulses are different signals our brain sends and receives from our bodies.

The effects of Spinal Cord Injury depend on the type of injury and the level of the injury. SCI can be divided into two types of injury – complete and incomplete. A complete injury means that there is no function below the level of the injury; no sensation and no voluntary movement. Both sides of the body are equally affected. An incomplete injury means that there is some functioning below the primary level of the injury. A person with an incomplete injury may be able to move one limb more than another, may be able to feel parts of the body that cannot be moved, or may have more functioning on one side of the body than the other. With the advances in acute treatment of SCI, incomplete injuries are becoming more common.



  1. Due to cost increases, the Human Body Corporation wants to fire me! I need your help to keep me in your body.

    I am a spinal cord. I am located in your back. If you are a man, I am about 45 cm long. If you are a women, I am about 43 cm long. I’m part of the nervous system and I’m attached to your brain. I contain nerves that carry signals to and from the brain to control voluntary movement, like moving limbs. I carry messages back and forth from your brain. I also allow you to feel hot and cold temperature, vibration, sharp and dull sensations, and to sense position of your arms and legs. I connect the organs to the brain so the brain can send messages to them and tell them what to do. I also help you bend and move. I am just as important as the brain.

    Without me, you would always have to stand perfectly straight. You would not be able to bend at all. You would be paralyzed because the nerves have no way of transmitting the information sent by the brain to the body parts it’s trying to send it to. Your brain and body wouldn’t be able to communicate with each other, which means you can’t do anything. You could probably not even live without me. I guide some of the most important human body systems. If you fire me, it can lead to certain complications in the body. Almost all important body functions depend on me. I am one of the most important parts of your body.

    Please tell the Human Body Corporation that you guys need me if you want to live. I am VERY important to everyone.

    The Spinal Cord

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