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How long will recovery take?

Recovery takes a long time. Most recovery occur within 6 months but many people continue to recover function for a year or more.

A recent poll of the CareCure Community suggests that 61% recovered function more than one year after injury. In another poll, 16-18% of people who are “complete” spinal cord injury recovered additional function 3 or more years after injury.

A recent study detailed how Christopher Reeve recover function over 7 years after his injury. So, recovery frequently continues for years after injury.


  1. i am glad to read your releases the stress in me and in my family about the recovery of spinal cord injury. my brother who is already a third year college got a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago.he undergone surgery because of the compression of his spinal cord at t11. after reading your article… i feel a lot of hope towards his situation..thank you.

  2. I met with an accident 2 years back. complete spinal cord injury t4 level. with in 6 months I feel touch sensation getting back. Now I feel tightness on legs. Hope I will walk soon. :)

  3. I am Nagaraj had a fall from first floor resulted in compression of my spinal cord in may 14th 2008 till now it has not cured and now my both the kidney’s got failure s-cratnine is about 6.1 which has to be 0.7 for normal condition, due to spinal cord injury i am unable to under go dialysis plz give me good suggestions to over come my situation and help me to come out of this hell.. my contact num is +918892941125

  4. Hi, I am a 21 year old girl. About 2 years ago I felt from the 3th floor and got a spinal injury. The surgeon believed that there is no spinal cord and just a spinal shock and everything would be ok after 6 months. But since that time I have seen no special change and I am not able to feel my body from novel to toe :(

    I was studying law and also was the top student in university. In my country Iran there aren’t enough facilities for disable people and I have a lot of difficulties for continuing my life. I can’t study because there is no elevator in the university!!! And The therapy just burn my leg.

    Please help for finding my health again. Regarding to the doctors sayings there is no problem in my spinal but I don’t know why I don’t see any change. Please give me info to this email address:

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