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Bladder Cancer In Spinal Cord Injury Patients

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ORLANDO, FL (UroToday.com) – Finally, University of California at Irvine investigators retrospectively evaluated 32/1319 (2.4%) SCI patients who developed bladder cancer that was detected a mean of 34 years (range 16-62) following SCI.

> 50% of these patients had not been managed with an indwelling Foley Catheter. Current recommendation is surveillance cystoscopy every 10 years in SCI patients with indwelling catheters, but based on this study, consideration of more diligent screening in all SCI patients regardless of bladder management technique, was urged by the authors.

Presented by Jonathan F. Kalisvaart, MD, et al., at the Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA) – May 17 – 22, 2008. Orange County Convention Center – Orlando, Florida, USA.

Reported by UroToday.com Contributing Editor Kathleen C. Kobashi, MD

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