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Spinal Cord Injury and its Legal Remedy

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The spinal cord connects the brain to most of our body organs a minor injury inflicted in this vital part of our body may result to severe and fatal damages.

Most of us have learned the importance of the spinal cord in our body during our schooling. The spinal cord connects the brain to most of our body organs enabling them to perform their respective bodily functions. As an example, if a person needs to carry a pail of water, his brain will send impulses to the corresponding muscle through the nerves found in the spinal cord, then the responsible muscle will perform the job accordingly. Our spinal cord is also a delicate part of our body. Hence, a minor spinal cord injury (SCI) inflicted in this vital part of our body may result to severe and fatal damages.

In the United States, more than 200,000 individuals endure an SCI every year due to an accident. Majority of these injuries are attributed to vehicle accidents, which are also considered as the main causes of injuries and casualties, while the other cases have resulted from violent acts, negligence, falls and sports activities. Although this fragile bundle of nerves that comprises the spinal cord is protected by our backbone, it is still Prone to injuries since most of the times, we are not fully aware of the upcoming dangers in our back.

Usually, the gravity of the SCI damage depends on the area of the rupture. For instances, if a car crash has injured the Cervical or Thoracic portion of the spine, there is a great chance that the victim will be paralyzed. While, if the bump has damaged the Lumbar and Sacral (lower) regions, the victim may suffer numbness, disabling his bowel or bladder control. It is also said to be that the higher the injured part is, the more serious the SCI case is.

Unfortunately, medical and other therapeutic researches have not yet developed any treatments for SCIs. The doctors and therapists just put their efforts to minimize the pain and avoid further damages to their patients. Until now, there is no assurance on the part of Medical science that these tragic impairments can be fully healed.

However, the legal perspective of SCI creates hope for the victims. The prevailing laws have entitled them to seek justice and acquire such monetary damages from the insurance companies of the liable parties. This is to cover their medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of wages, property damages and other damages that result from the accident or injury.

In pursuing a spinal cord injury claim, the injured victims or their families may designate their own legal representative to help them in acquiring justice. This is because not all the victims have the understanding of the law and the capability to undergo any legal proceedings. A qualified and reliable personal injury attorney can definitely lead them to a successful claim case.

Atty Gabriel Cosh is a legal advocate and a practitioner of law for over 10 years now. He is also an expert in the field of social legislation and personal injury cases.


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