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Skydive raises cash for spinal cord research

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BEING left paralysed after falling 13ft from a window is not stopping brave Allyson Capron from taking on a skydive to raise money for charity.

The 29-year-old had been sitting on a windowsill at a friend’s house when other guests accidentally knocked into her causing her to fall from the partially-opened window.

Allyson was told by doctors that she had broken her back and would probably never walk again

“I’d just finished work and went to a friend’s house in Barry,” said Allyson, recalling the incident in September 2008.

“I was sitting on the windowsill and two guests who were play-fighting knocked into me and I fell 13ft out of the window.

“When it happened I thought I was dreaming. That time is now a bit of a blur to me.

“When I got to the University Hospital of Wales I had an X-ray and it was there where I was told I had broken my back. I had an operation the following day and was taken to Rookwood Hospital. It was there I was told there was just a 10% chance of recovery. While I was at Rookwood I was given a wheelchair and physio in the gym.

“I appreciate people being blunt to me but I was in so much shock when I was told. I did mourn for a bit but as time went on I realised I can do things and I have been doing things. I still get those days but not very often.”

Now, to mark the anniversary of the accident and to raise money to help other people with similar injuries, Allyson will carry out a tandem skydive on Saturday, September 25, in Cirencester to raise money for the Spinal Research Charity.

The charity aims to find ways to repair spinal cord injury and reverse the paralysis that results from it.

“I’m trying to turn this into a positive situation,” said Allyson, from Caerphilly.

“I’m trying to help people in the same situation as me. I want people to have more of a chance to recover.

“With more resources an effective treatment will be found to ‘cure’ paralysis. It is too late for me, as this is for those who have new injuries.

“I’m also waiting to hear on a volunteer job to speak with other people who have similar injuries to help them realise it’s not the end of the world.”

To sponsor Allyson visit

by Jessica Flynn, South Wales Echo

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