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Craig Hospital Celebrates 100 Years

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(CBS4) ENGLEWOOD, Colo. Craig Hospital in Englewood celebrates 100 years of service this weekend. A party with graduates of the specialized Rehabilitation hospital was held on Thursday.

The world renowned center focuses on treating patients with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.

“This is the most upbeat place you could possibly imagine,” said Linda McCurdy, a Craig Hospital graduate. “Everyone here is working hard to make progress. Craig gave me all the skills I needed, they gave me back my life.”

The hospital does everything from teaching disabled patients to SCUBA dive to showing them simple things like how to live without ever taking another step.

Doctors at Craig hope the hospital will someday become obsolete.

“We’d love nothing better than to see the mission of this place change again as it has in the past several times,” said Denny O’Malley, president of Craig Hospital. “That would mean that we’ve made great progress in research in the area of spinal cord and brain injury.”

Ericka Lewis
Reporting for CBS 4 Television

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