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it-ibot-nws-1About The iBOT™ Mobility System
Expand your horizons with the iBOT™ Mobility System

Enjoy new opportunities with the revolutionary INDEPENDENCE® iBOT™ 4000 Mobility System. The iBOT™ Mobility System has a combination of features that is unlike any wheelchair ever created.

Power across sand, gravel, grass and other uneven terrain, easily climb curbs up to 5” and steps, rise to an “eye-level” position and hold a conversation, even when you are on the move.

balance_right-1You can choose between 5 different operating functions:

* 4-Wheel – traveling uneven terrain
* Balance – raising yourself to eye-level
* Stair – getting you from here to there
* Standard – proceeding with confidence
* Remote – taking your iBOT™ with you

Created for people who want to be spontaneous and independent, the iBOT™ Mobility System lets you choose your own path.

How does the iBOT™ Mobility System work?
The iBOT™ Mobility System contains patented iBALANCE™ Technology, an integrated combination of sensor and software components and multiple computers that work in conjunction with gyroscopes. Gyroscopes are motion sensors that help maintain balance. When the gyroscopes sense movement, a signal is sent to the computers. The computers process the information and tell the motors how to move the wheels to maintain stability. This electronic balance system is custom-programmed to the user’s center of gravity, to monitor and respond to subtle changes in motion. Reach forward to shake hands, and your iBOT™ Mobility System moves with you. Lean back and it moves away as well. The iBOT™ Mobility System constantly realigns and adjusts its wheel position and seat orientation to keep the user upright and stable at all times, even when driving up and down curbs or inclines. In addition, the iBOT™ includes built-in triple redundant backup systems, as well as auditory and visual signals to provide even more safety and assurance.

Seating Options
The iBOT™ Mobility System has the following seating options:

* Rehab seat – composed of a seat pan with clothing guards, backrest and adjustable height headrest; the backrest includes adjustable foam pads that can be used for postural support. The Rehab Seat comes standard with the INDEPENDENCE® maxPRO™ Seat Cushion or you can use your own cushion.
* Automotive seat – consists of a contoured foam seat, backrest and adjustable height headrest. *

*Note: The seat and backrest do not have adjustable components.

4wheel_right-1Features and Controls

* User Control Panel – located on the right or left armrest, it is attached to a swing away arm to allow closer access to desks or tables.
* Lighting System – consists of positional lights (front and rear safety lights), hazards and directionals, located on the right and left side of the seating system.
* Lap Belt – a retractable belt that is attached to the seat.
* Armrests – can be rotated out of the way to enable you to get even closer to a table or desk and to allow for easier transfers.
* Calf Panel – helps support and position your legs, can be adjusted for your comfort.
* Clothing Guards – on each side of the Rehab Seating System ONLY, to keep clothing and personal articles from interfering with the wheels and power base and can be removed to allow for easier transfers.
* Footrests – are easily adjusted for proper height and angle; can also be removed with a quick release lever for easy transfers in and out of the iBOT™ Mobility System.
* INDEPENDENCE® maxPRO™ Seat Cushion – comes standard with the Rehab Seat and features Vicair® Technology, an adjustable seating system that offers an excellent level of comfort, stability, and practicality.
* Security System – provides the option to lock and unlock the iBOT™ to prevent unauthorized use.

Vicair® is a registered trademark of VICAIR,BV.

The iBOT™ Mobility System can be transported occupied or unoccupied. When secured with a 4 point tie-down system, you can stay seated in the iBOT™ Mobility System for transport. The Remote Function allows you to maneuver the iBOT™ Mobility System unoccupied up a ramp.


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