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Post-doctoral fellow to study spinal cord interneurons with Reeve grant

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The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation has awarded Steven Crone, a post-doctoral fellow in Neurobiology, Pharmacology & Physiology, a two-year grant of $120,000 to conduct spinal cord research that focuses on identifying spinal interneurons, which are required for locomotor function.

Injury to the spinal cord often damages the flow of information from the brain to the spinal cord circuits that control muscle function. Crone’s goal is to identify and characterize neurons in the spinal cord that receive input from the brain and control locomotion.

“Identification of neurons that play a critical role in the control of Motor functions could help target therapeutic intervention for recovery following spinal cord injury,” said Crone. “I have undertaken what I believe is a bold and unique approach to understanding the function of spinal locomotor circuits and to identifying targets for therapy to improve motor function in patients with spinal cord injury.”

The CRPF Science Advisory Council’s rigorous review process for research grant applications ensures that it funds the most credible science targeted at developing effective therapies for paralysis and dysfunctions caused by spinal cord injury and other Central Nervous System disorders.

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