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Toddler With Spina Bifida Can Now Get Around Thanks to Dad’s Creative Invention

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A loving dad wanted his toddler son with spina bifida to have more mobility, so he created a device to help.

Doctors had realized Brody Moreland’s spine hadn’t formed properly when he was still in utero. Then, after he was born, he was diagnosed with spinal cord atrophy, which meant he was paralyzed from the waist down. So when it was time to start crawling, 2-year-old Brody was having a bit of trouble.

At first, his physical therapist suggested a scooter board to help him get around.

“We had to try it with him to see if he could play on it and scoot himself around. It worked OK, but he kept getting his hands caught underneath,” dad Taylor Moreland told

Taylor thought he could create something better for his son.

Although Taylor has no background in engineering, he worked relentlessly to create “The Frog,” a mobility device made from foam core plastic that helps children who have limited use of their legs to get around.

Using some plywood and wheels from one of Brody’s toys, Taylor created the life-changing device.

“It was a really slow progression,” Taylor said. “It took time for him to learn how to use it and it took time for me to develop it.”

But once Brody did learn, there was no stopping him.

“I feel like it has definitely given him a stronger personality,” mom Ally Moreland said. “It has given him a sense of independence. I think it has had a lot to do with his development over the last year.”

Once Taylor saw the difference “The Frog” made for Brody, he knew he wanted to help other children.

“I knew that I had to get this out to other kids too,” Taylor said.

Taylor started by making a few “Frogs” for other kids who were also working with Brody’s physical therapist. Then, the family launched a company, Frog Mobility LLC, and have made the device for twenty children in the U.S.

Although they charge $300 to make and ship the device, if a family can’t afford one, the Morelands give it away for free through money raised on GoFundMe.

A patent for the device is pending.

The Morelands hope “The Frog” can continue changing lives for kids like Brody.

“He is probably the most active 2-year-old who can’t move his legs in the world,” Taylor added.


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