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The Games Come to Scotland This Summer

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rehabike03jpg_resized_x_240The FES Sport Day will bring competitors and visitors from across the world to Scotland to compete in various FES Sport events and to experience the latest research and development into FES technology. FES or Functional Electrical Stimulation is the technology that allows spinal cord injured individuals to independently exercise when previously their injury served as permanent obstacle to this.

Dr Derek Jones of Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd said: “The FES technology combined with motorised indoor and outdoor cycles or a rowing machine has been proven to offer new possibilities for spinal cord injured persons to make significant improvements to their general health, develop their cardiovascular fitness, build bone strength, and enjoy an athletic challenge.

The International FES Sport Day is not just an athletics event, but an opportunity to highlight the developments in bioengineering, healthcare and sports for spinal cord injured people. It showcases the work that’s been done so far and helps to accelerate the progress of this research into practice.

Dr Jones said: “It’s an extraordinary opportunity for people with spinal injuries, researchers, healthcare professionals, sports therapists and other interested parties to witness first hand what the advances in the technology now offer the individual that wants to stay fit and healthy but was previously barred from accessing appropriate equipment for regular exercise.

Attendance is free and active participants from around the world will receive subsidies towards the cost of travel and accommodation to the event. The event is a collaboration between The Queen Elizabeth – National Spinal Injuries Unit for Scotland, Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd from Clydebank, Hasomed GmbH of Germany, the Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering from the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Centre for Innovation in Spinal Cord Injury.

Dr Jones added: “Holding the event in Glasgow demonstrates Scotland’s commitment to promoting the health and well-being of spinally-injured persons.”

Contact Name: Dr Derek Jones
Role: Organising Team
Company: Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd
Contact Phone: 0141-952-2323
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