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Promise of stem cells fulfilled

Published: November 6, 2010

clinical trial in Atlanta, Georgia, is proof that informed public debate is the key to medical advance

IF I’m honest, my first reaction to recent reports that the first human embryonic stem cell trial had begun on spinal patients in Atlanta was one of nonchalance.

Not because of its potential significance to those of us with spinal injuries — desperate for any news of progress — but because of the stop-start nature of the trial, plagued as it has been by legislative and regulatory restraints.

Guide to Best Apps for People Living with Paralysis

Published: October 7, 2010

Apps designed for SmartPhones (Blackberry, Iphone, Android) and IPads can help increase independence and improve the quality of life for people who have limited mobility from paralysis. These apps can be powerful tools for people living with a spinal cord injury or using a wheelchair due to another injury or disease. The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation have created the Guide to the Best Apps for People Living with Paralysis to help people find those apps that will most enhance their lives.

Progress and Promise in Spinal Cord Injury

Published: September 13, 2010

The world’s first human embryonic stem cell-based clinical trial has been approved for the treatment of spinal cord injury.

Young Wheelchair User Promotes Safe Driving Among Florida Teens

Published: September 7, 2010

Katie Mathews, Jr. Miss Wheelchair Florida 2010, is on a mission to raise awareness among Florida’s teen drivers about the dangers of being distracted by cell phones while driving.

In 2006, at the age of 16, Katie was paralyzed from the chest down when the driver of the vehicle she was riding in was listening to directions on a cell phone and lost control. The vehicle flipped four times, but fortunately Katie survived.

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Announces Expansion of NeuroRecovery Network

Published: August 19, 2010

Three community-based health and wellness facilities to provide better access to exercise for those living with paralysis

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation has named three new locations to its NeuroRecovery Network (NRN) Community Fitness and Wellness facilities, which afford people with physical disabilities the chance to improve their health through exercise. Courage Center in Minneapolis, MN, Neuroworx in South Jordan, UT, and NextSteps Chicago, in Chicago, Illinois join Frazier Rehab Institute – Community Fitness and Wellness Facility in Louisville, KY and NextStep Fitness in Lawndale, CA.

Path diverted — Spinal cord injury changes more than physical

Published: May 29, 2010

To be honest, before my injury I was not a compassionate, sensitive person. I did not feel sympathy for the hungry kids in Africa, the oppressed citizens of China, or countless other dire, unfortunate situations around the world and at home. I read a lot of Ayn Rand books and didn’t even take my clothes to Goodwill as I felt that it would only encourage low income individuals to stay on charity.

Back then I had a full functioning body, no allergies, and no sickness of any kind. I was young, agile, tough and independent. I didn’t need nor want anybody’s help and so thought nobody else should either. My entire social mentality was uncaring and unforgiving.

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to be featured on TLC’s American Chopper

Published: December 29, 2009

TLCLOGOEpisode to unveil Orange County Choppers’ first-ever wheelchair-accessible motorcycle

SHORT HILLS, N.J., Dec. 29 /PRNewswire/ — The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation announced today that Paul Teutul Sr. and the crew from Orange County Choppers (OCC) have built a custom wheelchair-accessible motorcycle specifically to raise funds for the Reeve Foundation. A first of its kind, this trike bike allows someone living with paraplegia the opportunity to ride a motorcycle without having to transfer from their wheelchair.

The American Chopper episode featuring the Reeve Foundation/Life Rolls On bike is scheduled to air on TLC on Thursday, January 7 at 9PM ET/PT.

Buckle-up drive enlists the wheelchair-bound

Published: December 21, 2009

“Buckle up, or you could end up like me!” This is a warning from wheelchair-bound Ernest Sithole, who, together with 44 other members of the QuadPara Association of South Africa (Qasa), are stationed at eight garages on national roads to encourage motorists to fasten their seatbelts and avoid spinal injuries if they are involved in an accident.

Bolivian aerial wheelchair protest

Published: October 4, 2009

story9ca2bbf1158dcd88b53b152d3a5a9ae4A group of disabled people in Bolivia are taking extreme measures to demand financial assistance from the government.

A Bolivian television network showed at least half a dozen protesters, wheelchairs included, suspended from the Urubo bridge, near the city of Santa Cruz.

A second group buried themselves in sand by the Pirai river that runs under the bridge.

Two Powerful Foundations Join Forces To Create the Nation’s Premier Spinal Cord Injury Organization

Published: September 25, 2009

Life Rolls On Foundation and Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Merge

SHORT HILLS, N.J., Sept. 25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On what would have been Christopher Reeve’s 57th birthday, Life Rolls On Foundation (LRO) and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation have announced a merger. Effective immediately, Life Rolls On Foundation, based in Los Angeles, will serve as the West Coast headquarters and division of the Reeve Foundation.

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