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Campaign to Cure Paralysis Map

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Be counted: Living with paralysis? Care about the cause? Add your voice. Show the world the strength of our community!

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation has just relaunched the Campaign to Cure Paralysis map, now with better visualization tools and an expanded access to the paralysis community.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation is asking those affected by paralysis — the injured, their families and friends, caregivers and professionals — to add their names and stories to this map.

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  1. I am a 68 yr old woman who started this road to SCI with numbness of both hands. I am a nurse (now retired) from a surgical clinic ,retired after 30 yrs.
    After a yr with failed carpal tunnel (bil) release,the surgeon decided to look for cervicle component. Unfortunately I was diagnosised with breast cancer. So in 2007 had rt mastectomy w/ln disection and 6 mo of TAC chemo. Finally in Jan 2008 the CT and MRI showed that I needed extensive surgery C3 – C7 with titanium placement. I woke up and couldn’t move my toes or legs. ki could move my arms slightly. The surgeon told me the pedicle broke at C7 and the instrument hit my spinal cord,as a result there was a contusion and dural tear.
    I was in rehab for 1 month where I had PT and learned how to walk with AFOs.
    My biggest problem is that it doesn’t seem like any of my doctors understand what to do with a SCI patient. Or maybe it is just me, as a nurse for so many years I’m use to finding help and answers for patients. The neuropathy pain is
    unbelievable, the meds “quiet” the burning somewhat but it is there 24/7.
    The neurosurgeon s only concern was that he documented things well enough that there was no chance of malpractice , so I had to retire. I seem to be going backwards in my strength and walking ability, i’m saving to get a recumbent
    bicyle as I can’t afford a fitness centerand also my husband has advanced cirrhosis of his liver and pos. liver transplant. As a young 66 when i had my surgery i am left with an injury that i’ll never understand as know one can answer questions. i live in oceanside ca. if you know where i can get help please tell me.

  2. Someone should tell those lazy good for nothing scientists to stop researching erectil dysfunction crap and find the cure for paralysis.

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