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10 of the most significant advances in spinal injury repair

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Until World War II, people with spinal cord injuries had few treatment or rehabilitation options. And even today, spinal cord injuries can have catastrophic effects on everything from mobility to sensation, bladder, bowel and sexual function.

However, over the past 20 years, several breakthroughs in spinal cord repair and technology have emerged. No single breakthrough has achieved a full repair, but each has advanced our understanding of the complexities of spinal cord injuries. Here are ten of the most important advances in spinal cord injury repair.

The timeline covers 10 of the biggest breakthroughs in spinal injury repair in the past 20 years, showing the advances in this field of research, as well as highlighting developments to ease problems associated with spinal injuries.

Bolt Burdon Kemp’s head of spinal injury, Raquel Siganporia, became paralysed in 1993, sustaining a T6/T7 spinal cord injury. She is an avid advocate for improving quality of life and accessibility for those who suffer from spinal cord injury.

BBK see their role as much more than helping people with the legal process and obtaining maximum compensation, but also assisting with rehabilitation and support.

Visit the interactive timeline on the history of advances in spinal injury repair!

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