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Are you a Woman with a SCI who has been injured for at least one year?

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This is a request for women with SCI (aged 18 or older) who are both employed and unemployed to participate in an on-line research project.

Need: Research on the return to work experiences of women with SCI is close to nonexistent. Increasing the understanding of what it is like to be a woman with a SCI who has either returned to work, attempted to return to work, or would like to return to work will offer very valuable insight into understanding the most effective approaches to helping women return to work.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to gain an increased understanding of the return to work experiences of women with SCI as well as issues or barriers associated with the ability or inability to return to work. Factors that influence quality of life and job satisfaction will also be investigated.

About the researcher: My name is Elizabeth Lasher and I am a doctoral student in the department of Counselor Education, Counseling Psychology, and Rehabilitation Education at The Pennsylvania State University. I have had a special interest in working with women with spinal cord injuries for a number of years. Before returning to school to pursue a doctoral degree, I worked as a rehabilitation counselor for ten years on a spinal cord injury unit at a rehabilitation hospital in Pittsburgh, PA.

If you are interested in participating in this on-line study, or would like to read more about it, please go to the following link, which will take you to a secure website.

The survey can be accessed by going to and entering survey #119800 or by directly using the link: If you have any additional questions or will require accommodation(s), please contact me:

Thank you for your time and consideration

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