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D-Mannose Stopped my Antibiotic Resistant Urine Infections

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Hi Everyone I hope this article helps you as much as it’s helped me.

My name is Jason I live in the Uk and have suffered with severe urine infections for over 16yrs.

My condition is a spinal cord injury patient due to a road traffic accident 16yrs ago and I have suffered immensely with these retched urine infections ever since. I’ve tried various methods to stop these infections from drinking 10 pints of water daily to taking cranberry juice and tablets and nothing could stop these horrible infections but antibiotics.

Urine infections & the resultant cystitis are the most uncomfortable symptoms to live with as people who are Prone to these infections know – you often don’t know when they are going to flare up until you have one, then BANG the pain starts when you urinate, increased muscle spasms in spinal cord injury patients, cramps, cold sweats and perhaps also blood in your urine.

Antibiotics are the only solution which could ease my symptoms, but once I had finished the course, maybe 5 days later, the symptoms would slowly come back and get worse day by day until I was back to where I was before. Also there is the important issue of the bugs in the urine becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics over time, meaning the infections become more frequent no matter what high dose of powerful antibiotics you end up on.

One day 7 months ago I was suffering from a really bad urine infection – increasing spasms, cold sweats, and feeling really unwell and I just knew I had to find something to stop these infections. So I researched online and found a product called D-Mannose which is a pure blend of the high alpha and beta monomers of a rare mannose sugar extracted from sweet forest timbers. I read the information on the website and found it really interesting so I bought a sample to try, really thinking in the back of my mind that it would probably be a waste of money.

To my surprise this product started to ease my urine infection, so I followed the instructions and started to take it every 2 – 3 hrs until I got on top of my urine infection. Now I take D-Mannose every day as a maintenance dose in the morning and at night time and I have not had another urine infection since. Believe me when I say I am amazed, as I had these horrible infections for years and now I don’t suffer with them any more.

E.coli loves Cranberry!

That statement probably surprises you, but E.coli is an acid adaptive bacterium, and is capable of synthesizing its nutritional requirements from the surrounding acids in its Environment. Since cranberry creates an acidic urine environment, when you drink cranberry or take the tablets, you are giving E.coli a suitable environment in which to multiply. There is a small anti-stick effect from cranberry, but for the vast majority of bladder infection agents, the acidifying effect of the cranberry more than cancels out any benefits from taking it…

The cycle:

E.coli and Klebsiella (and probably some other gram negative uropathogens) have ‘burst cycle’ population explosions that occur under optimum feeding conditions. It goes like this – you drink cranberry or something else that makes the urine acidic – or get dehydrated and build up uric acid in the bladder. Within a short period of time when the acidic urine gets into your bladder, the E.coli in there burst into a frenzied multiplication cycle, doubling their colony size over the next 20 to 30 minutes. They use up the acids in your urine in the process, and pass alkalis and endotoxins into the urine. As the urine becomes more alkaline, and the bacteria are effectively living in their own waste and they gradually become semi-dormant, slowing down their multiplication rates by as much as 100%. You take another drink of Cranberry, and start the process off again.

Combating ecoli urine infections with D-Mannose

D-Mannose comes as a soluble powder that can be dissolved in drinks. Within an hour 90% of the mannose you take is in the bladder, coating the mannose receptors in the bladder wall, and sticking to the molecular attachments points on the fimbria (pili) that normally allows E.coli, Klebsiella, and related bacteria to stick to the tissues of the bladder and urinary tract.

Instead of the bacteria attacking the bladder wall, it adheres to the mannose in the urine and is then flushed away by normal urination. It’s amazingly simple, highly effective, and usually works very quickly.

D-Mannose is also a natural anti-inflammatory, so it also helps calm down and in many cases completely heal interstitial cystitis and uretheritis. For men it quickly gets rid of most cases of bacterial prostatitis, and as the safest of all natural sugars, it is the perfect cystitis remedy for pregnant mothers and babies too.

Really, I wish I had found this stuff ages ago – it has changed my life and I really just want to spread the word now. You don’t need to suffer – Put a stop to urine infections with D-Mannose!

For more information about D-Mannose and where to buy it go to

  1. Im also a spinal cord injury which has several urine tract infections nearly every week to every 2nd week..And since ive been using waterfall i havent had a uti its very good and i would spread the word.. Thankyou very much for giving my life back…

  2. Water with lemon (2-3 small spoons in a glass of water, 5-6 times a day). Also shave all the hair … down.. (this helps to remove dirtiness and microbes). You will never have any infection!! Also take cranberry. In the begining take antibiotic Norocin (for 1-2 days, 1 tablet/day and then stop, continue with the … lemonade). Only lemon kills the microbes. My wife (C-5-C6, 28 years) does this and she never , fsince 10 years any urine infection (that was my idea and … worked, at least to my wife).You can try it.
    Consult, also, your doctor.
    George Platis/ Athens Greece

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