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We All Have Disabilities, You Can Just See Mine!

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The fact is none of us know when we may be the victim of a debilitating accident or injury. One moment we could be going through our daily routine as happy as we can be and the next moment we could be struck down with a spinal cord injury or stroke and become disabled for life. One thing we all need to remember is to never say never. It is not always the other person, sometimes it hits close to home.

The following story is true and should be an inspiration to all of us. This story deals with a young 21 year old woman. She had been extremely popular in high school having participated in lots of extra curricular activities including being a member of the Girls basketball team to performing as a Majorette at football games and being a member of several clubs and organizations.

She was attractive,bright and intelligent and very personable and had the whole world ahead of her.

Her passion was riding and training her horses. In other words, she was a horse woman. She owned several horses including a Tennessee Walker. After high school she went to Cosmetology school and became a beautician at a local salon. This turned out to be the perfect career for her as she was very personable and people seemed to just flock to her because of her magnetic personality.

Yes, she had the world on a string, that is until one afternoon in May 1970 .

It seems she had been swimming with a group and was riding back to her parents home on the back of a motorcycle driven by one of her friends. In a split second someone ran a yield sign and ran into the motorcycle. The resulting impact threw her off of the back of the motorcycle and she was thrown about 60 feet . This tragic accident resulted in her back being broken resulting in her spinal cord being badly bruised.

The ambulance rushed her to a local hospital where she underwent several hours of surgery in an effort to treat her numerous injuries and save her life. After the surgery she was told she was lucky to be alive and would probably never walk again under any conditions.

As it turned out she has suffered what is known as a T-5 injury to her spinal cord which left her with paralysis in her lower body and prevent her from walking again..

She spent 90 days in a circle bed to allow her back and spinal cord to heal and to prevent the problem of pressure wounds.

While she was there her mother visited her every day and on a lot of occasions spent the entire night with her and got up and went to her job as a teacher the next day.

After her release from the circle bed she spent and additional 45 days in the hospital rehab clinic .

When she was strong enough she was transferred to the Georgia Rehabilitation Foundation located at Warm Springs, Ga. This is the same center that President Franklin Roosevelt received therapy for his Polio during his presidency during World War 11. This is of course where the “Little White House” was located.

She spent 12 months there receiving rehabilitation therapy for her disability and began the training to prepare her for life after this tragedy.

Not one to let her disabilities and circumstances hold her back she went back home and enrolled in a local college to further her education.

Shortly after this she met a you man through a mutual friend and got married not too long after that.

Over the years she has been very active in her church where she voluntered for numerous positions including Vacation Bible School Director and Sunday School Teacher. In addition she was a Cub Scout Den Mother.

She has been an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with due to her tenacious and dedicated desire not to give up and let the disability defeat her. With her bright smile and contagious personality she always makes others feel better.

Over the years she has endured at least 19 surgeries including knee and hip replacements and a 11 1/2 hour back surgery to secure her spinal cord.

Throughout all of this tragedy and suffering she has endured. She is quick to give glory to God for her life despite all the trials and tribulations.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, she also took time to raise two fine boys who are doing just fine.

And by the way, she accomplished all this while suffering constant pain and she did it all from a wheelchair.!

This article is presented to help educate people about the trials and tribulations the disabled have to endure each and every day. In addition it gives testimony to the fact that with God and determination the disabled can achieve almost any thing they set out to do.


This courageous woman is my wife.
Don Stone

Mr. Stone is a semi-retired sales and marketing professional with a goal of educating people about the strugles of the disabled in this country. For more information on health,nutrition and disabilities please visit:

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