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Welcome to the hectic lifestyle of IndyCar team owner and quadriplegic Sam Schmidt

It was two days after the Indianapolis 500 when Sam Schmidt answered his cellphone and was asked if he finally was home, home being...

Quadriplegic bride marries her Iron Man

Tracy Todd recently married the man of her dreams in a beautiful ceremony witnessed by friends, family and members of her community. Tracy Todd’s life...

Quadriplegic defies the odds and plays the guitar again

Musician Ryan “Gooch” Nelson was 18 when a car accident left him paralyzed. Five years later he was diagnosed with leukemia. He shared his...

Quadriplegic Lee Bullock doesn’t let physical limitations stop his music-making passion

Lee Bullock cannot move most of his body, but he still does more with his time than many able-bodied people. Mr Bullock became quadriplegic at...

Severed spinal cord no barrier for former rodeo rider

IN THE final minutes of 2003 at a New Year’s Eve rodeo at Townsville’s Black River, Steven Elliott bucked off a bronc called Spaghetti...

First Quadriplegic Priest on Path to Sainthood

Father William Atkinson a "tremendous witness to the rest of us" PHILADELPHIA ( - The cause for canonization for the first quadriplegic man ordained a priest...

Rio Paralympics: Kurt Fearnley predicts ‘boosting’ cheats will get caught

Australia's champion wheelchair racer Kurt Fearnley says from his first Paralympics, in Sydney 2000, he has heard stories about boosting – the practice among athletes with spinal cord injuries of inflicting trauma on themselves, such as breaking a toe or sitting on their scrotums, to raise their blood pressure and improve performance.

First Female Quadriplegic to Summit Africa’s Highest Peak

21-year-old South African ‘ability activist’ Chaeli Mycroft has become the first female quadriplegic to reach the top of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Chaeli and her team—the Chaeli Kili Climbers—reached the summit early Thursday morning after five days of gruelling ascent in a specialised wheelchair.

Tetraplegic student completes Tough Mudder Challenge in a wheelchair he controls with his chin

Tough Mudder, which some say is 'probably the toughest event on the planet', is a gruelling 12 mile assault course A student has become the world's first tetraplegic to take part in Tough Mudder - navigating the gruelling 12-mile course in a pioneering wheelchair he controls with his chin.

A look inside Carissa Louise’s life after attaining a C6/C7 complete spinal cord injury

Carissa Louise from Alberta Canada shows YouTube viewers that even though she's living life as a quadriplegic, she is still living life. Carissa loves everything beauty and wants to share that with you! Carissa shares her personal experiences in interesting vlog style videos!