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Stand Together to End Paralysis Now!

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France (TransWorldNews) Stand Together to End Paralysis Now – – a spinal cord injury global grassroots initiative launch their first worldwide campaign to urge governments to support and fund research that targets a cure for paralysis.

On October 4th 2006 paraplegics, quadriplegics and their families in 40 countries will participate in a global mailing, the first in a series of actions they hope will raise awareness of the devastation caused by a spinal cord injury, not only to the individual but also to family, highlighting all the ensuing health complications and most importantly the urgency for a cure.

Countless SCIs (spinal cord injured) turn to the internet for information on the many medical, psychological and social problems brought about by their injury and the need for its meticulous care. They also search for the latest worldwide developments in the research for a cure that is steadily emerging from stem cell technology and other regenerative therapies. This is a journey that brings them into contact with others from their own country, neighbouring states and even those from right the other side of the globe.

United in the same quest – a cure for paralysis – they have now joined forces through – their own global cyber network where members take to action on both a local and global level in their support of stem cell research, regenerative medicine and the fight for a cure. will not stop ‘thinking tall’ until a cure becomes our reality.

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